As promised, I’ll blog about my stay in the USA for these next couple of weeks. I’m not sure yet how often I’ll have time to do this, but we’ll just see along the way. Right now I’m at the airport in Minneapolis, my flight to Indiana got delayed so I have some time to kill. Yay for free airport wifi!

The water tastes weird, the money feels like fake monopoly money and people have a hard time understanding my oh-so-Dutch English accent. I like these little things, they make it very clear to me that I am traveling, maybe even more than the weird thing where my computer now says it’s 23.37 whereas it is obviously daytime here. Anyway, let’s get back a bit.

This morning I got up at 4.30 to get ready to go. After some initial morning-grogginess (doesn’t help that it’s so hard to eat when you’ve hardly slept) my parents picked me + Tijl up by car and drove me to Schiphol to see me off. We were there quite early so we had some time to drink a cup of tea. Seven weeks, although it’ll be the longest that I’ve ever been away from home, is not super-long, so I was quite OK saying goodbye. It was nice having my parents and Tijl there, made me feel loved. There was one moment after saying goodbye when I was standing next to a family that, one after the other, started crying. That did make me feel a bit emotional.

Comfy outfits for the win! I do look a bit like a (happy) zombie due to the early rising...

Comfy outfits for the win! I do look a bit like a (happy) zombie due to the early rising…

The person that booked the seat next to me apparently missed their flight, so I had a rather comfortable one with an extra cushion, lots of extra room and no awkward wriggling past your neighbour going to the toilet (which is nice, since I went like 6 times….). The movie-selection they offered was good, I watched Life of Pi and Brave, two movies that were on my watch list anyway. They also had TED-talks, so after dozing for a bit I woke up with some inspirational talks. The meals were nice as well, I hadn’t been able to find vegetarian with the dietary wishes while booking tickets so I just selected vegan (turns out vegetarian is so normal they don’t need to know in advance…). The special meals were always distributed first so I was done eating by the time the regular-food cart made it to my seat.

Upon arrival we had to stand in a long, long line to go through customs and immigrations. There was a lot of stress around me, most people had to transfer to other flights as well and didn’t have as much transferring time as I did. By the time I got through all of the security lines I was so tired that it made me feel stressed out, but some nice hot food and a coke did their magic and got me feeling happy again. So here I am now, and it looks like I’ll be traveling for 24 hours by the time I actually get to Bloomington.



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